One of things that is also crucial in continuing education abroad aside from choosing a university, study program and destination country is the choices of accommodation while studying abroad. The choice of accommodation is a routine expense of living cost during the study period in addition to transportation costs or meeting daily living needs. Therefore, the type of accommodation chosen has an effect on the size of the living cost that will be incurred.
There are 3 types of accommodation for international students to select. Each of them has different facilities along with their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Homestay

For international students who want to live with local residents, homestays are the right accommodation to choose from. Although generally homestay locations are located quite far from campus, by living in the residences of local residents, international students have more opportunities to get to know the local culture, adapt to culture shock plus will have a new family.


2. Campus Dormitory

Generally, educational institutions or overseas universities have facilities in the form of campus dormitories for their students. Usually the residents of the campus dormitories are first-year university students. Due to its location which is very close to the university, this campus dormitory has a lot of enthusiasts, so those who want to get the opportunity to live in the campus dormitories must early to register because the space is limited. Many dormitory facilities are sharing such as a kitchen, sitting room, lounge and various other facilities.

3. Apartments

If you have more funds and want a place to live that has more choices of room types and facilities, international students can try apartment-type accommodation. The location of the apartments is varies, some are close to the university, some are quite far from the university, but it is still easy enough to get to the city center and university using public transportation. Apartments can also be an option for international students who want to share with friends who are well known.
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