Student Visa

Student visa is one of the important requirements for students who wish to continue their studies abroad. By pocketing a student visa, they will get permission to live in the country of study abroad. This student visa can be likened to the key to entering certain countries so that international students are required to have a student visa.

When is the right time to apply for a student visa?

After prospective students submit their application for registration at an overseas university, then get an offer letter and a letter of confirmation of acceptance from the university, prospective students should immediately prepare a student visa application document. To make a student visa / student pass, there are several documents that must be prepared as follows:

1. Passport photo

2. Passport (still valid for at least 6 months)

3. Offer letter

4. Letter of confirmation of acceptance from the university

5. KTP

6. Birth certificate

7. Family card

8. Financial evidence or reference letter from the bank

9. Sponsorship letter (if finances from parents / sponsors)

In addition to the documents above, in making a visa, prospective students need to fill out several forms provided by the immigration authorities of the destination country of study, each country has a different form to complete. Some prospective students find it difficult to fill out the visa application form, but filling out the form can be assisted by the Edlink + ConneX consultant team if prospective students choose Edlink + ConneX to help with the process of studying abroad.

In addition to assisting with student applications, Edlink + ConneX also assists in applying for tourist visas for the families of prospective students who wish to visit their study destination countries. Similar to the student visa application process, applying for a tourist visa only needs to prepare the required documents and to fill in the form will be assisted by an Edlink + ConneX counselor.

The length of time for the visa application process in each country varies, usually the process of making a visa will take 14 days - 30 working days. Therefore, usually every Edlink + ConneX consultant will prepare for this visa process 2-3 months before the university entry date.

For more information on making student visas and tourist visas through Edlink + ConneX, contact our consultant at the nearest Edlink + ConneX branch offices or make a consultation appointment here.