IELTS Test Preparation

In order to achieve the IELTS score according to the target you want to achieve, of course, preparation is needed before taking the official IELTS test. There are many things you can do to prepare yourself before taking the test, such as practicing questions independently which can be obtained through practice books for IELTS questions as well as practice materials which can be obtained online through websites and videos.

For those who want to practice IELTS questions with the guidance of a professional teacher, Edlink + ConneX also opens IELTS preparation classes which are divided into 2 types of classes, namely 20 and 40 hours for students who want to take the official IELTS test. With the curriculum and learning modules that have been prepared by the Uni-bridge English team, assisted by experienced instructors, students will receive appropriate and comprehensive learning materials in honing listening, writing, reading and speaking skills which will be tested in the official IELTS test. In addition to studying the 4 components of the IELTS test, students will also practice IELTS questions and periodically discuss questions to find out the increase in IELTS scores that have been achieved during the preparation class.

For more information about the Edlink + ConneX IELTS preparation class, contact our consultant at the nearest Edlink + ConneX branch offices or make a consultation appointment here.