The interest of Indonesian students to study abroad which is increasing every year, currently many prestigious higher education institutions from abroad offer pathway programs by opening branch campuses in Indonesia or collaborating with educational institutions in Indonesia.

Here are the reasons why many climbers are interested in undergoing pathway programs in Indonesia:

1. Cost-effective
When compared to taking a pathway program directly in a foreign country, the costs incurred when studying the pathway program in Indonesia will certainly be much more affordable, because students do not need to spend large costs on living expenses and living needs during study.

2. Near location
If you are not ready to live far away from family, studying pathway programs in Indonesia can be a solution because students can continue foundation or diploma programs in Indonesia while still being able to meet family or friends every day.

3. Find a friend
Some students feel unprepared if they leave and adapt alone to study abroad. If you follow a foreign study program in Indonesia, students who graduate will be able to go to the country of study abroad together, in addition to being classmates to share accommodation.

4. More mature preparation of foreign languages
Students who feel still less fluent in foreign languages, foreign study programs in Indonesia can help to be more confident in communicating with foreign languages in the country of study abroad later.

5. Learning curriculum tailored to overseas campuses
Although the program is implemented in Indonesia, the curriculum applied follows learning that is carried out in the country of origin of foreign universities ranging from the language of instruction of lecture materials, to lecturers who teach are native speakers.

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