Spain has a lot of history and culture that attracts global tourists to visit the country of the matador. Not only that, Spain is also known as an educational destination which is currently ranked in the top 5 countries in the world and ranks second as a global hospitality education destination. If you want to study in Europe but don't want to spend a lot of money, then you should consider Spain as an option.

Reasons to study in Spain:
1. Affordable tuition fees
Mostly, tuition fees at public universities in Spain range from EUR 150-3,500 for undergraduate as well as master's programs. Meanwhile, for private universities, the fees will not exceed EUR 20,000 per year.

2. Graduate degree recognized throughout the European Union and the world
Studying in Spain means studying in the European Union (EU), for which the certificate issued is highly recognized in other EU countries. It also allows students to get wider EU scholarships and without having to apply for a visa again if they want to travel to other EU countries.

3. Easy access to travel to other European Union countries
Spain is located on the outer edge of Europe and the country is the most sought after destination in Europe. France and Protugal are easily accessible for weekend trips. In addition, other overseas trips are also fairly easy.

4. Many cities with classic and historical style buildings
Spain offers a wide variety of cities that are ideal for study abroad. If you want to enjoy the Spanish atmosphere in a vast international city, you can visit Madrid or Barcelona. But if you want to take a step back to enjoy history, you can visit Seville or Granada. In addition, small towns in Spain provide the beauty of authentic Spanish life, such as Toledo, Alcala de Henares, or Pamplona.

5. Learn a new language
You can take advantage of the opportunity to study in Spain by learning Spanish directly with the locals.

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