United State of America

As a developed country that excels in various sectors, there is no doubt that America also has a very good quality of education and has received world recognition.

Why choose to study in the USA:

1. Reputation of universities in America
Educational institutions in America have a comprehensive curriculum and are well received by students. Likewise, the teaching system applied refers to an active and dynamic learning system.

2. Wide choice of programs & college majors
The wide choice of study programs and majors offered at American educational institutions is another reason for the large number of international students studying in America. Various study programs are offered ranging from general study programs such as business, arts, communication, to nuclear physics study programs.

3. Sophisticated facilities and technology
Along with the continued development of technological advances in America, the learning facilities and facilities owned by educational institutions in America to support students' learning activities are also adapted to current technological trends, making it easier for students to get easy learning through the use of the latest technology.

5. Flexible academic policies
Students in America can choose from several studies offered by universities and have the option of switching from one institution to another if in the middle of their study they feel superior or are interested in another major or institution.

6. Competent and professional teachers
In addition to having competent teaching staff in their fields, the lecturers treat students like friends so that students will feel comfortable discussing without feeling awkward both during class and outside class hours. The implementation of the Office Hours system also makes it easier for students to consult. Because the Office Hours system requires teachers to stand by to accept students who want to consult.

7. Long-term career prospects
The experience of studying abroad, especially in the United States, which is known as a superpower, will be an added value when entering the world of work. 98% of American graduates have had a stable and well-placed career within 6 months of their graduation. As such, American graduate degrees are highly reckoned candidates for employers.

8. Excellent in research
America ranks at the top for the category of the amount of funds issued by the government to support students in conducting research and discovery so that students will not find cost constraints to complete research.

9. Cooperation with international companies
Most institutions and universities have established cooperative networks with companies and researchers in various fields of study, thus bridging students to get practical training and preparation for future careers. Internship programs to various companies also provide students with experience to prepare themselves for the world of work after graduation.

10. Opportunity to learn various fields of science
In America, students are allowed to take courses outside of the majors studied, thus the opportunity to enrich their horizons and knowledge by studying other fields of science outside the chosen major is very wide open.

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