United Kingdom

Being the second country after the USA as the country with the highest number of international students, the UK hosts the world's best universities. The UK offers an unrivaled academic experience. From world-renowned universities to innovative approaches to teaching and producing world-leading alumni.

Why study in the UK:

1. Internationally Recognized Quality of Education
There is no doubt about the quality of education from universities and educational institutions in the UK. Starting from the quality of teachers, facilities to the educational programs offered, Various achievements and achievements have been achieved by many teachers, students and educational institutions in the UK

2. Universities in the UK have produced many world-renowned alumni
Thanks to its excellence and achievements, 10 UK universities are among the top 10 universities in the world. In addition to producing hundreds of Nobel laureates, universities in the UK also have alumni who have become influential figures in the world, such as Newton, Lord Kelvin, Michael Faraday and Stephen Hawkings.

3. Master Program (S-2) Only Taken For 1 Year
In contrast to Master's programs at universities in other countries, which are generally taken for 2 years, in the UK it only takes 1 year to complete Master's education (S-2). Of course, a shorter study duration will save more money to get the desired qualification.

4. A Country Rich in Historical, Art and Cultural Values
England has many historical relics that are well preserved by the government. During your study in England, you can visit monuments, museums, castles or other historical buildings while increasing your knowledge.

5. Opportunity to Tour Europe at Student Prices
You can take advantage of special discounts for students to travel around Europe using public transportation such as buses, trains, cars to airplanes. By using this discount facility, of course you can travel around Europe at a more affordable price.

6. Innovative and Interactive Learning Method
Students in the UK emphasize problem solving based learning. This learning is combined with field trips and the application of theory in practice. Activities in the classroom are also packaged more in the form of discussions or the delivery of opinions.

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