Switzerland is known as a producer of chocolate, cheese and watches. In addition, it has an amazing natural beauty. Located between Germany, France and Italy, making this country the best place to explore Europe.

Reasons to Study in Switzerland:

1. There are Universities that Have a High Reputation
The reputation of Swiss universities is internationally recognized . Each university offers comprehensive learning programs and facilities with state-of-the-art technology. Educational institutions in Switzerland always provide support in developing the potential of students

2. Opportunity to Learn German, French, Italian
Located between Germany, France and Italy, Switzerland has 4 national languages. This provides an opportunity for international students to learn the languages ​​of these countries.

3. High Standard of Living
Although classified as a country with a high cost of living, income in Switzerland is higher than other European countries. Based on the quality of life in 3 cities, Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is ranked first, while Zurich and Geneva are ranked second and third best.

4. Hospitality & Tourism Studies Center
The proliferation of hospitality & tourism schools in Switzerland is because in Switzerland there are many tourist attractions that bring in many domestic and foreign tourists. Every day the increase in tourist visits is increasing rapidly so that many hotels and resorts are built to meet the needs of touri

5. Paid Internship
Internships are part of the learning curriculum in Switzerland, so during their studies, students are required to take full-time practical work to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired. Generally students will be paid during the internship process.

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