In order for the study plan to run smoothly and students can complete the study period well, of course careful preparation is needed, from preparation of admission documents to departure documents. All these preparatory processes will become easier if assisted by an overseas education consultant who has a trusted experience and reputation. Edlink+ConneX is one of the credible overseas education consultants to choose, because;

1. Experienced since 1985
As an overseas education consultant, Edlink+ConneX has more than 35 years of experience helping students who wish to continue their studies abroad. Starting from admission process, pre-departure, post-departure up until they have successfully completed their study. Apart from assisting student’s study placement, Edlink+ConneX can also help arrange tourist visas for parents or family members who want to visit countries where students study.

2. Representing more than 200 top institutions in 13 countries in the world
Students who wish to continue their studies abroad can choose from a variety of top universities that we represent, because to date, Edlink+ConneX has represented more than 200 top institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Germany, France, China, Spain, Canada, Netherlands and Switzerland.

3. Consultants who are professional in their fields
Edlink+ConneX provides consultants with a variety of information about foreign universities, from entry requirements, course options, accommodation options, tuition fee details to departure documents from each university we represent. This provision is provided through various trainings including familiarisation visits to overseas universities that we represent.

4. Has 25 coverage areas spread within Indonesia and abroad
Currently Edlink + ConneX already has coverage areas in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Bali, Makassar, Pontianak, Manokwari, Singapore and Melbourne. Our professional & responsive education counselors are ready to meet you at convenient locations for face-to-face counselling sessions.

5. Comprehensive and free of charge service 
The study abroad placement services that we offer are very comprehensive, ranging from consulting the selection of universities / fields of study to arranging student visas and also accommodation, including administering English proficiency prediction tests and also aptitude interest tests
 We do not charge additional fees for all the services we provide in assisting students for their study abroad placement process.

You are welcome to discuss your study abroad plan with Edlink+ConneX professional education counselors in our nearest coverage area (click here), to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.