About Edlink+ConneX

Edlink + ConneX was founded in October 1985 with the main objective of providing professional services to anyone wishing to continue their studies abroad. Starting with 2 offices in Melbourne, Australia and Jakarta, Indonesia, now Edlink + ConneX continues to grow and open more offices in line with the increasing trust of students, parents and other partners.

When Edlink was founded in Melbourne, Australia, introducing Australian education to Indonesians was quite difficult. This is because it was only in 1985 that the Australian Government began opening its doors for international students and students to study in Australia. Previously, education in Australia which was subsidized by the Australian government was mainly for its own citizens. However, because the founder of Edlink, Mr. Hendy Hendrata, at that time was a lecturer at a well-known university in Australia and had a good and strong network among universities in Australia, in a relatively short time Edlink had won the trust of various major universities in Australia. Australia.

We are always committed to giving our best in helping students, when determining their further study options. Every Edlink + ConneX consultant professionally always pays attention to the needs of their students and also pays attention to input from their parents, before finally giving the best advice. In line with the growing interest of Indonesian students to continue their studies abroad, EdlinkConneX is gradually expanding its wings to other study destination countries.

Edlink + ConneX International Education Consultancy as a group, has 25 offices in Indonesia, 1 in Australia and 1 in Singapore. Edlink + ConneX remains committed to maintaining integrity, being the trust of the Indonesian people (reliability) and providing professional service and attention.